This program is centered around you. Is your goal lose weight or improve your relationship with your body or food?

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Mary Ann Wietbrock, MSN RN

Mary Ann is the leader in wellness coaching, specializing in helping each person make changes to improve how you feel.

She helps you set realistic goals to achieve your health goals. These can include nutrition and activities for overall improved wellbeing.

There are hundreds of people who have worked with her since 2014 to achieve weight loss and a better life.

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  • Thank you!  I have been doing all you recommend and it is helping me feel more alert and focused. Jill
    FHL Bank- Indianapolis
  • Love it! Tamora I like the class and would do it again. Rhonda Nutrition program is easy to understand. Group discussion is supportive. Participants encourage each other. Carol.
    Capital Group Carmel
  • Mary Ann provided outstanding feedback to my concerns. I honestly did not think I would lose my big gut!!. Since we started this weight loss coaching I feel awesome!!!
    Workplace Wellness Participant
  • Mary Ann is very helpful. All her handouts are on my fridge at home. Very useful. She is a God-send!!
    Workplace Wellness Participant
  • Having on onsite coach really opens your eyes to lifestyle changes for the positive.
    Workplace Wellness Participant
  • Great to have an onsite medical personnel that was knowledgeable about various subject matters
    Workplace Wellness Participant
  • “Thank you! Also, I made your oat bran/blueberry muffins, and doubled the recipe to make a dozen. My family LOVED them and so did I!!! ... They came out perfectly!
    Mays Chemical Company
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Mary Ann is knowledgeable and seems to be looking out and guiding in the the right direction.
    Oxford Financial Group
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • I have enjoyed meeting with Mary Ann the past six weeks. I have learned so much from her regarding nutrition and the importance of eating better, walking, stretching, and being more aware of how foods work together. I feel so much better and am overall very happy with the results.
    Oxford Financial Group
    Indianapolis, Indiana

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