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Mary Ann Wietbrock, MSN RN

I am passionate about helping one person at a time to implement lifestyle habits that will reduce the risk of chronic disease!

Whether I’m working with you one-on-one, or as part of a Workplace Wellness Program, I am committed to helping you achieve better health.

I’m so proud of the hundreds of people who have worked with me to achieve weight loss and a better life.

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  • Mary Ann provided outstanding feedback to my concerns. I honestly did not think I would lose my big gut!!. Since we started this weight loss coaching I feel awesome!!!
  • Mary Ann is very helpful. All her handouts are on my fridge at home. Very useful. She is a God-send!!
  • Having on onsite coach really opens your eyes to lifestyle changes for the positive.
  • Great to have an onsite medical personnel that was knowledgeable about various subject matters
  • “Thank you! Also, I made your oat bran/blueberry muffins, and doubled the recipe to make a dozen. My family LOVED them and so did I!!! ... They came out perfectly!
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Mary Ann is knowledgeable and seems to be looking out and guiding in the the right direction.
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • I have enjoyed meeting with Mary Ann the past six weeks. I have learned so much from her regarding nutrition and the importance of eating better, walking, stretching, and being more aware of how foods work together. I feel so much better and am overall very happy with the results.
    Indianapolis, Indiana

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